About Us

About Us

2018-12-30 06:50:00


" Nền tảng công nghệ thương mại điện tử được tin dùng nhất"



" Tạo ra công nghệ bán hàng tốt nhất"



1. Vutatech phải là một gia đình.

2. Thành công của doanh nghiệp là thành quả của nhân viên.

3. Tập thể thành công khi có cùng mục tiêu.

4. Đổi mới, sáng tạo luôn là yếu tố sống còn.


VUTATECH is the research and development of technological solutions Fintech, Automation-AI and Digital marketing for the areas of e-commerce and online payments.


 "Becoming a leading provider of technological solutions Fintech, Automation-AI and Digital marketing in Vietnam"


Creating product-technology solutions Fintech, Automation-AI and Digital marketing services for e-commerce and online payments. Supporting the Viet Nam business accesses to the technology platform of e-commerce and online payments.


 With its vision and mission, we are directly contributing to the development of digital technology in Viet Nam with the motto "Always act for the development of clients and society".


Vutatech was formed as to how ?

Beginning in 2016, Mr. Nguyen Phu Quy (a programmer has many years of experience in the field of Fintech, has built many Fintech systems for other technology companies in Can Tho, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh ...) cherished the idea of building a public platform technology includes many applications and utility solutions for the development of e-commerce and online payments so he has established specialized research and development technology solutions Fintech, Automation-AI and Digital marketing named VUTATECH.

"VUTATECH" is an acronym of the phrase means and ambitions "Vung Tau will be the technology land in the future".

Spent many difficult challenges of a fledgling business especially in technology areas which not completely developed in Vietnam. The end year 2017, VUTATECH gradually assert its technology resources on the digital technology market with more than 40 solution project for the Fintech system includes many online payment technology and automated tools in service for Digital marketing and analysis the data. At the same time it builds completely more than 30 trading Crypto on Blockchain technology platform for Cryptocurrency domestic and abroad markets.

The end year 2018, with the strong development of technology in Vietnam and in the world, at the same time meet the requirements of development of the organization as well as long-term strategy is in place, VUTATECH officially changed the organization from " VUTATECH TECHNOLOGY TRADE SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED" into " VUTATECH TECHNOLOGY JSC" with the 3 founding shareholders that are Mr. Nguyen Phu Quy (Presidents), Mr. Nguyen Hai Dang (CEO/Legal representative), Mr. Vu Thai Hiep (Vice Director).

With the huge potential of technology as well as the experienced and enthusiastic staff, we are constantly learning and change ourselves to be able to keep up with the development of technology in the world and meet the real needs of society.