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Designing and Building Database Management Server System Advice

Designing and Building Database Management Server System Advice

1. What is the database management server system ?


Database is usually stored on a storage device such as tape, disk, USB or hard drive, ... Database is maintained as files in the computer operating system or in the database management system.

Database Management System (DBMS) is the program and software that helps to store the database, it is necessary to ensure the structural properties in the database. In addition, the database management system helps support the easiest reading, editing, or adding and deleting data on the database.

In other words, the database administration system is an automatic system that enables users to control information, create, update and maintain databases. In this system, the two main components in a database management system are: the query processor (the request processor) and the data manager.




2. What does the database system infrastructure include ?


Information infrastructure means a system of equipment for the production, transmission, collection, processing, storage and exchange of digital information, including telecommunications networks, Internet networks, computer networks. and database.

3. The role of the database management system in the current technology era


In the era of digital current technology, many processes, stages or management systems are encrypted and operated by devices and software to help users achieve the best working performance. On that basis, database management systems came into being and played an important role in processing and controlling single sources of information and data. Specifically, the database management system has the following main functions:

  • Provide an environment to create a database: The DBMS plays the role of providing users with a data definition language to describe, declare data types and data structures.
  • Provide ways to update and exploit data: Database administration system provides users with data manipulation language to express requirements, update operations and database exploitation. Data manipulation includes: Update (import, edit, delete data), Exploit (search, dump data).
  • Provide tools to control and control access to the database to ensure the implementation of some basic requirements of the database system. Includes: (1) Ensuring security, detecting and preventing illegal access. (2) Maintain data consistency. (3) Organize and control access. (4) Recovering the database in case of hardware or software problems. (5) Manage the data descriptions.

4. Vutatech is a reputable and professional unit in the field of designing and executing database management systems.


Vutatech is a unit with a lot of experience in constructing database server systems in many fields, ensuring that it will meet all requirements of technical expertise as well as aesthetics of each project. We always try to give customers the best experience from our projects.


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