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Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) Design Advice

Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) Design Advice


1. What is UPS system?


UPS is the acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply, is considered storage power. UPS systems are used to supply power for a specified period of time depending on the capacity of the UPS to maintain the operation of electrical equipment or computers when experiencing electrical problems.

UPS works based on the conversion of direct voltage from battery to bidirectional current to accomadate with the requirements of the equipment using electricity. The main function of the UPS is backup power. Besides, the UPS is also added other features such as surge protection, surge protection, frequency stabilizer ...






2. UPS classification


Based on usage needs, we can classify UPS into two main groups,  UPS Offline and online UPS.In which,  UPS Offline includes 2 small types of universal standard UPS and UPS with Line-interactive technology.


2.1.  UPS Offline


Universal standard  UPS Offline is the most popular current on the market today. It is cheaper than  UPS Offline which supports Line-Interactive technology. The principle of operation of the universal standard  UPS Offline is that when the input grid goes through the selector switch before being supplied to the load for use, the  UPS Offline will fully charge the battery. In case the utility power is not stable, the  UPS Offline will automatically switch without a Selector Switch and use battery power to supply the load equipment, thereby maintaining their operation.


With  UPS Offline integrated with Line Interactive technology, the operating principle is similar to standard  UPS Offline series, but with an additional voltage regulator circuit to adjust the output voltage for the load to always be used. In case the mains voltage is too high or too low, the  UPS Offline Line Interactive will adjust the voltage regulator circuit automatically to another step so that the output voltage ensures the correct load as required.





Features of UPS Offline:


The UPS Offline design is only suitable for use with devices and computers using low power consumption and resistive loads. The slow switching time of the Offline UPS series is quite slow, about 10 milliseconds and cannot extend the time of storage with internal and external batteries. Particularly with standard Offline UPS does not support voltage stabilizer function.


2.2. What is UPS Online?


Completely overcome the disadvantages of UPS Offline, UPS Online with Online Double Conversion technology eliminates the problems of utility power. The operating principle of UPS Online is that the mains power supply, before being supplied to the load equipment, will be converted into direct current to charge the battery and the frequency converter. The frequency converter once again converts that direct current into an output voltage with a capacity suitable for the load device connected. Thus, it can be seen that when the grid has any problems, your equipment is always safe.


UPS Online is the most commonly used type today. It is suitable for many different types of loading equipment. It is usually designed for large capacity and can extend the retention time with internal and external storage batteries. Therefore, in addition to equipment with pure load properties such as office equipment and computers, UPS Online can also be used for server systems, data centers and even other equipment. motor load such as fans, pumps, etc.





 3. UPS's application in practice


Common characteristics of all types of UPS are contribute to bringing safety and convenience to life and business. Although the UPS backup unit does not prevent mains problems, when using it will help electrical equipment avoid interruption, damage or loss of stored data due to power outages. suddenly. Depending on usage needs, users can choose UPS with suitable capacity.

UPSs are widely used in life such as companies, businesses, medical facilities, industrial manufacturing, or security and defense ... to help electrical equipment to help electrical equipment such as computers, rolling doors, lights, CCTV, server systems, production machines, office machines, medical machines ... are not interrupted by electrical incidents, avoid affecting daily life and work, minimize risks and losses in production, business, medical examination and treatment activities…


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